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Today’s Post: Chiropractic Is At A Crossroads

Chiropractic is at a crossroad. If you have been in practice for more than two years, I think you would have to agree that the world has substantially changed.

If you have been in practice for ten years or greater does your practice look the same as it did when you first opened?

Businesses and practices must change every five years either by choice or by force due to insurance regulations or other occurrences that are not in your control. That means new methods; technology, and communication must be changed or adapted to meet the present day, time and economy.

What about a health care class, marketing strategy, acquisition of new patients, PVA skills, training staff, and any other procedure that is important for a chiropractic practice to be successful?

Challenges of Chiropractors


I can’t believe I lost that patient. I can’t believe I said that. I haven’t had a new patient in 2 weeks. If this continues I am going to be in trouble. How am I going to pay my rent? I am so stressed out.

If that or a similar loop is playing in your head, can you understand why things may not be going as well as you would like? You see doctors, thoughts create feelings and feelings create actions. If you have gloom and doom feelings, it does not matter how perfectly executed your script, health care class, or screening was, you will still get gloom and doom results.

The Laws of Attraction simply state that we are like magnets. We are either attracting people and things into our lives or we are repelling people and things out of our lives. It is as simple as that. Listen to your internal dialogue. Is it upbeat and positive, or is it full of fear and worry? Look at your body language. Is it confident and secure or is it wishy-washy or just plain depressive?

I understand that the economy and the general tone of the country have turned very gloomy in the past 45 days. If people can’t afford to put gas in their cars how will they find the money to pay for your services? Continued insurance cuts, 9000 job lay-offs at Citicorp and an uncertain election continue to make matters worse.

If you look at history there have always been uncertain times. Do you think our forefather Chiropractors had uncertainty when they were being thrown into jail for practicing medicine without a license? Do you think the Great Depression, the bombing of England, the Cuban Missile Crisis and the assassinations of any great leader brings fear and uncertainty?


It’s not what happens to you but how you take it. Why does one person with Pancreatic Cancer get into bed, pull the covers over his head and wait to die, while another inspires millions by going on Oprah and inspiring people to make the most out of their life?


I promise you that as a Chiropractor you will continue to face uncertain times throughout your career. Like it or not, believe it or not we are the low men and women on the totem pole. If it is not the insurance companies causing uncertainty, then it will be organized medicine. Or it will be the government. Or it will be the economy. Or it will be the state board. Or it will be Pluto and Mars misaligning.


It is up to you to change your thinking. It is up to you to make meaningful goals and action steps and to work your plan. It is up to you to be able to read the economy and change your course as you need to. In order to thrive YOU MUST DO SOMETHING DIFFERENTLY THAN YOU ARE DOING NOW.